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Monday, January 17, 2011

Itty Bitty Kimmy Girl!

My itty bitty pinky princess Kimsy's all grown and just received her O-level results last week - a huge milestone that marks 16 sweet years of a beautiful girl!

She did amazingly well, and pretty much shocked us all! I was so nervous - even after promising myself to go the "que sera sera" way this time round - and when the phone rang with what was surely Kim on the line, I could barely hold it steady! And then I heard the sniffles! And I was petrified! But through the sniffles, "M-mom! M-mom! I've got A1s! All of them are A's and B's!" followed by unintelligible babble about her grades, but that's all I needed to know - the girl was happy! Joy to the world, I said!

She's all settled in the school she so desires, too. After all the nervous chiding (you should SEE her study ... she hardly ever touches those books), I'm glad to report that all is well!

Gotta love them kiddos!
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