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Monday, January 16, 2012

January Festivities

Around the house there's been lots of festive cheer -- no, of course it didn't end with Christmas and New Year's, that was just the beginning!

And every year's a whole new year of celebration... Life is, after all, a party when you've got seven birthdays, various anniversaries (wedding, graduation, jobs and founding of business...), awards (that sometimes take us by surprise!), and the little day-to-day joyful events (new paintings, surprise gifts, new poems and prose, a Distinction on an essay, new books, fresh flowers...) OH THE LIST GOES ON!

But to start of the year in the usual way... JANUARY! The month of newness! New milestones to be met, new clothes to be had, new shoes to be broken in, new pots of plants to tend to, new new new things all around!

And one nineteen-year-"new" (let's not call her old, shall we ;)) gal we all love has got to be Miss Mimsy herself -- AMELIA!

Aren't we all just so excited for this girlie's future! She's scored herself too-cool grades on her final exam that just blew me away! And everything's definitely coming up roses.

Fingers tightly crossed that 2012 will take her to new heights! (Well, not literally, because this one's a little petite ;) but you know what I mean! I meant success heehee...)

To Mimsy, who turns 19 on January 18... We're just getting started with the fun! Hang on to your bonnet, young lady, you're in for a ride! Happy birthday, girlie in the middle ;)

And just a little cute tune to wake up to... 'I Remember' by Indonesian band Mocca! And the girls and I recognise it from the soundtrack of one of our favourite Korean dramas!

I've got a lot to remember :) Like... waking those kiddos up for a fresh week at school... in just about 24 minutes!

And a new day begins!

Love and peonies!

P.S. Speaking of peonies -- the flower that is oriental art in every way -- I've got to get Kimmy to work her peony magic on some of my ornaments... That girl's so good at drawing and painting them!
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