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Friday, July 25, 2014

My birthday... with my best buddies!

It's me again! And here's the last of my birthday excitement for the next 12 months hehehe... (We're all revved up for Ben and Alfred's birthdays in August though! Perks of a big family... there's ALWAYS a birthday around the corner :D)

(Yup, Ben is all smiles because it's HIS birthday next in line!) 

Here's how today went! I was all dressed up for my dinner date with all my favourite people, and Mimi revealed that she'd already made a reservation with Blue Ginger two weeks ago, juuust to be sure... wow! That's my girl! So off we went for a Peranakan treat!

Buuuuut not before a few OOTD pictures for the family album... Hehehe... 
Here's my little Nicky all dressed up, LOVE his new style! 

And how can we resist a selfie for the road!

Kimmy and I...

There was a little jam along the way, so naturally we started teasing Alfred and saying that at the rate we were going we might as well have driven over the border to Malacca like last year (ooh that was a real treat! If you're interested, I blogged about it here -- click click!)

But don't you worry, we got there soon enough right on time for dinner to be served (Mimi cleverly placed all our orders in advance! All our family favourites, starting with Kueh Pie Tie for appetisers!)

The interior really made for pretty pictures so you know, the three girls seated in front of us kept right on clicking!!! Yes, I felt like a celebrity with three cameras aimed in my direction... hahaha just kidding! :)

Here's a picture of all of us at the table, happy faces all around!

A great evening with top company! Hehehe... 

Here's Mimi being really glad that the restaurant she picked out was getting five stars in my book!

 Here's Alfred, who's just happy that we're all happy (and I bet VERY happy that we didn't propose another five-hour drive to Malaysia this year!!!) Hahahahaha... 

 Big thank you's to Alfred, Benny, Mimi, Kim, Mel and Nick for the wonderful evening!
You all sure make a mom feel like a star!

I'm always all smiles in your company!
(And when you're not making me smile, you're making me laugh! All the hijinks this lot gets up to...)

After dinner we strolled over to the Korean mart to pick up my favourite Makgeolli drinks for supper!

And how could I resist this cute kettle and pot set! In gold! Just like the Korean dramas hahahaha... 
Perrrrfect for my kitchen, and cute souvenirs of today's glee! For all the 24/7's to come, they'll sometimes catch my eye and silently say "Remember that?" And I'll smile and think "Oh yes indeed!"

This gang of seven made such sweet memories today!
It's been such a happy birthday!

I love them all!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The annual 24/7 birthday affair!

As I write this, it's fifteen minutes to midnight and all my fellow homebodies are sitting in their own little corners about the home and -- I'm sure ;) -- silently counting down to that all important moment... 

Oh yes, it's my birthday once again! :) Hip hip hooray and all that, but let's be modest on the issue of age, alright? Hehehehehe... I just... wanna have fun!

Hahahaha... Of course I couldn't be happier and it would never be more fun than to to turn a year older in the company of a good bunch of people who have been lining up all sorts of little surprises throughout July on our way to the big 24-7 date!

As the excited ticks on our calendar inched closer to today, I started getting little notes hidden in my breakfast... a sweet touch!

And little surprises became a nightly affair...

I've lost count of how many toasts those girls have proposed these past few nights... Hahahhaha
"Cheers momma!" is music to my ears girls, keep em coming!

We decided to kick start celebrations early with a little mani/pedi too...

And this evening, Amelia decided to whip up a Kahlua-flavoured Victorian Spongecake just for me! A pre-birthday treat? Girl, you've outdone yourself with this one!

Here's that all-round-talented girlie...

Can you say it better than "YUM!!!"?!?!!?! It's gorgeous and tastes as good as it looks!

Great job at making a mom feel special, kiddos! Hahaha... Of course, the darlings have been duly rewarded with lots of parcels throughout July themselves! (My favourite online shopping sites were having their summer sales and oooh the quick fingers on this former mall rat just can't resist a sale!!! Armchair shopping, mmm I'm a fan!)

You know, birthdays are a big thing around this home -- there are 7 every year after all! And 8 if you count little Chloe... that pampered pup (who turns 14 this year!)...

So many birthdays, and birthdays are always occasion for looking about yourself and thinking big thoughts like "How do I look?" NAH, JUST JOKING! I meant thoughts like "How have I done?" And.... right now I'm looking about myself surrounded by smiley happy people having just enjoyed a night snack (a family tradition!) and I'm feeling pretty proud of everyone and this home, so I guess I've done pretty well haven't I ;)

Sure something my 20-year-old self probably would never have imagined!

She'd probably be very happy anyway, if she saw this in a fortune teller's crystal ball!

Aaaand... the icing on the cake: this guy promises a treat tomorrow so I'm looking forward to an all-out dress-up date with the whole gang!

Well that's that, I guess, happy birthday to me! :D 
Wanna hear more tomorrow? Hehehe...

Yol <3 nbsp="">
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